Baking Up the Idea of Candy Stripe Flavours

The idea to name the business Candy Stripe Flavours came from looking at our market and looking at the products we would be producing. There were many other names that fell by the wayside such as: The Sweetest Thing, You look Sweet, Chewing Gum Under Table Tops, Candy U Naughty Thing and Flavours of the Rainbow. The decision of picking a name took longer than getting a business license and 5 months later we settled with Candy Stripe Flavours.

Getting the enterprise up and running was no mean feat. With crippling mortgage repayments and the heavy recession in the UK in 2016. It would have been more wise to rob graves and sell off the organs on the black market. But with high interest rate loans and plenty of talent, we pushed forward with the business as a family.

Our business first opened in a shops, before we decided to work from home. We set up shop on Castle Street in Farnham, Surrey. Our location was next to a bookmaker which is a place for gambling and not the manufacturing of actual book publications, which is what we originally thought when informed by the estate agent.

Being next to a casino bookmaker certainly brought in some odd customers and with them the smell of what I can only describe as a wet carpet that lined the space of a male public urinal.

Gambling is something that never found interest in our family, we don’t play the lottery and we’ve never joined in with the hype surrounding the Grand National horse race.

The only gambling in our lives was that of starting our own business and that is certainly paying off given the high level of interest we have accrued over time with word of mouth passing from customer to customer like some infectious coronavirus.

Working from home has plenty of benefits as you can imagine, we start and finish depending on the size of the orders, toilet breaks aren’t regimented and the background television noise, means we can multi-task with the daytime shows and not miss a thing.

How sweets became such a family tradition.

Baking has been in the family since 1864 when our great, great-grandfather opened up the first cremation service in the Surrey. Just kidding, his wife was a baker and would make toffee sweets to sell on the market, this was the first and only family tradition that stuck throughout all the decades. During this long and eventful time, many treats have been made and sold.

We made a tally of every order since 1985 and from that we can present our top 5 requests made by our customers.

  1. Lemon Flavoured Bon Bons
  2. Willy Candies
  3. Rock
  4. Lollipops
  5. Baked Rice Crispy Cake

These are all original ingredients and flavourings that have been created and cultivated by the family for a number of generations and the joy we get adding this to other families by means of their events makes us very proud people.

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