Candy Stripe Flavours Did Our Local Cricket Team a Huge Favor

Not only are my partner and I huge fans of baking, but we are also huge cricket fans. We try to go to as many England international matches as we can, but it can be quite difficult to find the time due to our work commitments. However, we are huge supporters of our local cricket team, Worksop CC as you can find out below.

A Cricket Match We Had to Attend

When England made it to the final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup, we just knew we had to get tickets to go and watch it live. We struggle to find tickets, but a day before the final, when we thought all hope was lost, we found someone who was selling two tickets for 500 pounds each. We would not usually spend such large amounts of money on a sporting event, but how often do you get the chance to watch your home nation compete in a major sporting final in their own country? Not many, that is for sure.

Those of you who watched the game will agree with us when we say that it was 1,000 pounds that was truly well spent. New Zealand batted first and England restricted them to 241 from their 50 overs. Many thought that England would chase it down with relative ease, but the pitch slowed up considerably and the pressure on the England batsman, coupled with some great New Zealand bowling, meant that the game was a lot closer than anyone thought it would be.

England went into the final over needing 15 runs. The first two balls were dot balls, but Ben Stokes eased the pressure a bit by hitting the third ball for a mighty six. Then something remarkable happened on the next ball. Stokes hit the ball to mid-wicket and called for two runs, on his return for the second run the ball, thrown in from the deep by Martin Guptil, hit Stokes’ bat and ran away for four. This meant that England needed three runs from the last two balls, but they could only manage two, meaning the match went to a Super Over.

England managed to score 15 runs from their 6 balls and New Zealand managed exactly the same. However, England were crowned the Champions due to the fact that they scored more boundaries throughout the match. Many cricket fans around the world were not happy with this, but everyone knew the rules before the tournament began.

This was one of the best sporting finals that has ever taken place and any sporting final in the future will have to work hard to beat it, that is for sure.

Our Deal with Our Local Cricket Club

Like we have already mentioned, we are huge supporters of Worksop Cricket Club. The following weekend after the World Cup final, we headed over to their ground to watch them play in the Sunday league game.

They won by eight wickets and we were enjoying some beers in the club house after, when we found out that they were looking for someone to sponsor them. However, everyone that they approached turned them down. They were pretty desperate for sponsors because money was tight and there was a risk that the club would have to shut down.

As it turned out, we were actually doing pretty well for ourselves and we were also looking for a way to spread awareness of our company, so we spoke with the chairman and asked him if he would be happy for us to sponsor them. He was more than happy to agree, and it is an agreement that has worked well for both of us. They have got more than enough money to stay afloat, while we are getting more and more custom due to the fact that they sell our products at the ground now.

So, if you have never tried any of our products before and find yourself watching Worksop Cricket Club play a game of cricket, give our products a try. You really won’t regret it.

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