Candy Stripe Flavours – Majorly Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Welcome to Candy Stripe Flavours, the site that is here to help your special day be a little bit more sweeter. We have set this blog up to help our business attract more customers and clientele. We are a family run business that has been in the sweet making business since dentists first fired up their drills with a glint in their eyes thinking “praise the lord for sugar”.

So, what is Candy Stripe Flavours?

We are a small family run business that caters for weddings and other events making. We make bespoke candy, sweets, and baked goods. We work from home and have a sweet van that can be used to tend these events should you wish to hire this additional feature for the special day.

Our past work has covered a wide range of events, birthday parties, weddings, charity work, and funerals. Yes, we have had requests to cater a funeral.

Why pick Candy Stripe Flavours for your special day?

Well, we are here to service you. If you want a bespoke sweet to be made, perhaps a lollipop of your partners face or a stick of rock with a special message inside, these things can all be done. Should you order the services of Candy Stripe Flavours, then we can work within a 72-hour period, just in case, you find yourself in a rush.

How Candy Stripe Flavours started.

My partner and I both have a background in baking, we oddly met and a swinger’s party which involved an awkward encounter with a candy-cane. Anyway, long story short, we found we shared common interests and tips for washing off sticky candy from uncomfortable areas.

What you can expect from our own personal blog page?

Well, we are going to talk and share a number of things. We will be sharing tips and advice for special events, we will be providing our recipes should you wish to try some of our wonderful goodies yourself. We discuss topics regarding sweets, the industry and totally irrelevant subject matters that will make you pause and think how is that of any relevance to candy?

Tips to help plan for your next event:

  1. When it comes to planning a party or occasion with is shared by others, which is also known as a party, then it is obviously important to invite people. In fact, those attending the event are more important that those planning it or the person the event is for. Funerals being a perfect example.
  2. Timing is everything, giving guest enough time to find excuses to not show is what you have to be fully aware of. So, to counteract this, we suggest sending invitations out at least 12-16 month prior to your event.
  3. Pets are best avoided, only because animals are more loved than humans and you wouldn’t want all the attention taken away from that special someone just because the pet is defecating on the garden lawn.